Submission of executive summary of business plan for review of expert committee and if found satisfactory then


Presentation of the business plan to the expert committee for technical and financial due diligence


Submission of detailed business plan


Upon selection signing of formal agreement with incubator


Award of incubator registration certificate along with incorporation letter


In general the expert committee would judge the company on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Merit of business proposal
  • Financial viability of the business
  • Whether the entrepreneur has prior experience in this kind of business
  • Growth potential of the business
  • Uniqueness of the technology or the product to be introduced
  • Market knowledge and experience to understand the trend and visualize the potential of the technology for its viability and growth, competition etc.
  • Management team

The companies which are already been incubated within the incubators of its network members and they want to expand their ventures in Pune, would also be provided co – incubation facility after due diligence.

SMEs from other cities within India and also from abroad if they are looking to expand their ventures in Pune region or in the state of Maharashtra would also be provided landing support.

The selected company will pay one time registration fees and annual incubation fees every year during the period of incubation.