Scitech Park Pune’s ‘SHARE’ Forum held at Scitech Park, Pune

Science and Technology Park, Pune had organized 'SHARE' Forum on Tuesday, December 26th, 2017 with an aim to create a platform to SHARE (Smart and Happy Attitude for a Rewarding Enterprise) the entrepreneurial journey of the start ups. Ms. Ashwini Bhalshanka from SKJ Legal conducted the session 'IPR & Technology Management' under which she spoke about the What, Why, When, Where and the How’s of Intellectual Property & Technology Management.

Other than the above, one more session was held by Mr. Vijay Mitra, Founder & CEO, PositiveShift called 'WIISE Learning Network, a disruptive model of learning'. Under this he spoke about the Importance of learning tomorrow’s skills today - anytime, anywhere at your absolute convenience for a successful startup journey. Learn from a successful entrepreneur the secret of Startup success.