• Act as knowledge partners for development to government projects by providing Technology Assessment and Forecasting.
  • Provide consultancy services in the areas of institutional and infrastructural developments and building synergy between industry and academia.
  • Act as an industry – academia – government bridge.
  • Provide need based technology management training to researchers, entrepreneurs and industry.
  • Play significant role in knowledge and resource management.
  • Provide infrastructure and development facilities to technology oriented industries.
  • Assist industry sponsored research, entrepreneurship development and contract research.
  • Commercializing research, managing innovations, intellectual property promoting and commercialization of technologies.
  • Creation, development and growth of technology oriented entrepreneurs and enterprises through academic/industrial collaborations.
  • Build sustainable technology based rural ventures to address basic problems faced by common man and to elevate quality of life of people those are at the bottom of economic pyramid.
  • Look into basic unresolved issues like health, hygiene, sanitation, affordable nutrition, improvement of quality of education & provide basic power solutions to the people who are deprived of these basic requirements of life.
  • Provide technology based solutions for ecological sustenance, environmental remediation,  create environmental protection and conservation education and necessary policy support.
  • Create and nurture technology base start -up companies.
  • Set up Rural Technology Business ventures and skill training centres.