The CSR activities of Scitech Park are aligned with the objective of the trust and the applicability of the Companies Act 2013. The core requirement for each project that shall be undertaken under CSR would be its relevance and applicability to such of the objectives that shall help in improving the quality of life of the citizens. The CSR activities of Scitech Park play a catalytic role in the development of the habitat sector. The main objective of the CSR implementation program is our continuous commitment to operate in economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner in consultation with the CSR sponsoring agencies so as to ensure upliftment of the marginalized and under-privileged sections of the society to promote inclusive socio-economic growth, empowerment of communities, capacity building, environment protection, promotion of green & energy efficient technologies, development of backward regions by specially focusing on the projects relating to habitat sector & benefit of poor.

Sponsored Thrust Areas

In accordance with these primary objectives, the activities of Scitech Park shall have the following thrust areas:

  • Support in Setting up Technology Business Incubators and Innovation Clusters that shall hugely impact employment generation.
  • Support/taking up projects for the improvement of quality of life by focusing on the project of social, health, education and economic infrastructure in urban and rural areas and especially with a focus on projects of public facilities/amenities/utilities in urban areas.
  • Support/taking up Projects related to Provision of clean drinking water
  • Support/taking up Projects related to reducing Malnutrition
  • Support/taking up Projects related to early detection of cervical cancer and cardiac diseases
  • Support to the projects of sustainability viz. water, waste or energy management, promotion of renewable sources of energy, biodiversity conservation, etc. Project for reduction, re-use and recycle of waste materials, rain water harvesting and replenishing the ground water supply, protection, conservation and restoration of eco-system, reduction of carbon emissions through energy efficient and renewable energy technologies, greening the supply chain, and innovation in products and services which have a clear and tangible impact on environmental sustainability shall also fall under this category of activities.
  • Support/taking up projects for providing/purchase of equipments and especially for providing as means of livelihood, and by supporting training/capacity building programmes of skill and livelihood development for the benefit of poor, or physically challenged.
  • Initiatives for slum redevelopment including environmental improvement in low income habitats, sanitation/infrastructure and support.
  • Promotion of alternative, energy efficient and ecologically appropriate building materials and technologies.
  • Education Training/capacity building, skill development for the enhancement of employability of marginalized sections.
  • Any other initiatives/activities/projects found relevant and as approved by the Board of Trustees of Science and Technology Park.
  • Initiatives of State Governments/Local Bodies as well as Central Government Departments/Agencies/other PSUs could be dovetailed with CSR linked incubation activities of Scitech Park.

Donations made to Science and Technology Park University of Pune will be eligible for the benefit of deduction under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961, in the hands of donors subject to the limits and conditions prescribed therein.