Global Alliances

Using Science & Technology as a vehicle to facilitate implementation of program, Scitech Park effectively pursues and manages a wide variety of activities, that are driven by its passion to support the immediate global concerns, like environment, sustainability, Skill development, vocational guidance of the people dependent on informal economy, achieved through social incubation. Skill development and vocational guidance with time bound results provide benefit realization to citizens due to improved employability and productivity to yield enhance livelihoods. Objectives and priorities of the these initiatives  have a direct bearing on the actions which are investment in people wherein Science & Technology is the facilitator to effectively manage elimination of poverty amongst section of the population dependent on informal economy, marginalized sections of society and sections prone to vulnerability like women, children and elderly, the environment, the flora , the fauna, biodiversity and a host of other current relevant issues that impact us.

Technology business Incubation programs are implemented through activities performed within the ambit of the proposed actions are structured to be innovation driven inclusive and sustainable.


The skill training in developing country like India is still the traditional way with age old skill sectors. The new and emerging technology skills are restricted to a certain class of youth and are not available to the most deprived, under privileged class of the society, especially from the remote/backward areas of the country.

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Scitech Park is the implementation partner with UNEP for the plantation program under the initiative “Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign” at Pune.

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The United States and India have a long history of fruitful collaboration in the energy and environment sectors.

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