Solapur Theme Park

Scitech Park , Pune has prepared the DPR for Proposed Theme Park at Solapur which would transform the Economy of Solapur City and District by attracting the tourist base of the region. Around 23 Lakh tourists visiting Solapur City and 75 Lakh pilgrims flock to Pandharpur, Tuljapur, Gangapur, Akkalkot & other shrines, (annually). We have proposed an ultra-modern Heritage Theme Park covering 40 Acres in Solapur with an outlay of Rs 100 Crore.

This expansion in tourism will act as a catalyst for

  • Revival of Textile Industry in Solapur which is on the verge of extinction
  • Growth in Hospitality Industry
  • Boost to Transport Industry
  • Start of Ancillary/Induced/Indirect Industries

All the above activities would lead to a massive growth in Employment and transformation of the Economy of Solapur City and Region.

The proposed Theme Park would be a never before EXPERIENCE for the tourists coming to Solapur from all over Maharashtra and other states of India which would include the following themes like 5D simulator ride, the dark ride, museum showcasing cultural heritage of Maharashtra, the Maharashtra Bhaktigatha, the Forts of Maharashtra, theatre/banquet venue, Solapur and Play Zone, shopping and merchandising.