Education and Research

A unique ‘Environment Education’ program for teachers and students for the primary & secondary schools which aims at educating students and teachers, by simplifying the environmental concepts given in their school syllabus. It sensitizes towards the conservation of nature and natural resources.

Teacher Training:

Training in basic environmental concepts, as well as local and global environmental issues followed by a three day Environmental Education Workshop and a field visit which focuses on:

  • Teacher’s Training program
  • Poster competition for teachers
  • Quiz competition & debate
  • Field activity
  • Concepts of ecosystem and habitat conservation issues
  • Benefits that we derive from nature

Activities for Students:

Various activities covered under this program are as follows:

  • Slide shows on biodiversity, natural resources, solid waste management, ecosystem and habitat, pollution and environmental health.
  • Debate on environment versus development
  • Environmental quiz
  • Various activities conducted to celebrate World Environment Day
  • Awareness rally
  • Visits to the man-made ecosystem and forest

Activities for schools:

  • Drawing competition
  • Slide show on biodiversity
  • Slide show on environment & development
  • Environmental folklore environment awareness song
  • Educative Game: Tree signature Show: Snakes are friends of farmers
  • Nature game-Web of life
  • Outdoor activities for students

Awareness among local community

Area wise environmental awareness campaigns with the involvement of schools

  • Exhibitions
  • Competitions: Essay, slogan, speech, debate, group discussion, group song, street play, and quiz competition.
  • Teacher’s rally & student’s rally on environment
  • Experts guiding students & teachers
  • Street play on global warming
  • Environment Rangoli competition

Scitech Park is actively engaged in promoting environmental sensitive, responsible tourism with   low impact on the environment as well as community. Some of the activities it has initiated in the recent years include

  • Dry land – Wetland Tourism Centre proposed at Ujani, Pune Maharashtra covering the habitats of Great Indian Bustard, Chinkara, Blackbuck, Flamingos and many migratory bird species
  • Environment Education and Responsive Tourism Plan for the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary, Pune, India
  • Ecological restoration and Nature Education Plan for Pashan Lake, Pune, and plan for Establishment of Palm Park at Pashan Lake, Pune

We have also undertaken studies for Exploration of Ecotourism potential of Sawantwadi region for  DLF, India.


Designing, construction and standardization of fumigation chamber and simulating major pollutants (SOx, NOx and Fly Ash) within the chamber was one of the major research initiative successfully undertaken by the Scitech Park, Pune. This recently concluded project is considered as one of largest open top fumigation chamber that enables enclosure of full grown tree species enabling assessment of impacts on the natural reproductive outputs of plant coupled with rigorous simulation set up, resulting in maintenance of constant levels SOx, NOx and Fly Ash concentrations.

This designing, construction and simulation of pollutants has enabled scientists to assess and predict beforehand the impacts of coal based thermal power plants on major economic crops such as Mango, Cashewnut and Sapota. In the wake of growing energy demand and requirement of sustainable environmental solutions, such studies are gaining importance for its scientific utility in understanding impacts beforehand and providing sound advice on various interventions including that of technological ones required to exercise to maintain levels of emissions within the prescribed limits by the regulatory authorities as well as to a level which is less harmful to the critical growth, physiology or reproductive ecology of the plant.