Certification and Policy

As part of our International Certification Programme we carry out research, documentation and benchmarking for Eco Spas and Retreats.

Under Green Globe 21 certification programme we have successfully completed certifying Shillim Eco Spa, a 2,500 acre ecologically oriented resort in the Western Ghats near Pune.

The Green Globe Precinct Planning and Design Standard (PPDS) are developed by the University of New South Wales and University of Queensland, in conjunction with the Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre (STCRC) of Australia. This Standard underpins the global affiliation, benchmarking and certification program of Green Globe, which strives for sustainability in travel and tourism infrastructure.


The Clean, Green Eco-Friendly theme is an initiative towards infusing sustainable development in the industrial scenario in the state of Maharashtra. It is a step en route for the industrial progress in harmony with the environmental conservation. The thought behind this initiative was to formulate an Implementable, Sustainable and Participatory plan called Clean Green Eco Friendly Policy for Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation, Govt. of Maharashtra. The requirements of the policy are:

Self sustainable, contributory and applicable to all the industrial areas in the state.

This is the first ever; participatory, implementable and self sustainable policy formulated, wherein recognizes key principles enunciated in the Environmental Protection Act 1986, and the National Environment Policy of 2006 are endorsed in the policy document. In addition to that the theories which are projected internationally e.g. Precautionary Principle, Principle of Economic Efficiency, “Polluter-Pays” Principle, Principle of Resource (use) Efficiency are ratified and effectively used for successful implementation of the policy.