Environment Assessment

Scitech Park has gained considerable experience in the field of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) through various studies it has conducted. With the vast resources of various Departments of University, the Park is ideally suited to provide the services for EIA-EMPs

We focus on carrying out Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environment Management Plan (EMP) studies for developmental projects, providing inputs for Protected Area (PA) Management, Monitoring of Physical and Biological Environment, Environmental Planning and Monitoring, Preparation of Eco-development Plan, Watershed Management, Catchment and Command Area Development, Preparation of Dam Break Analysis and Disaster Management Plan, Preparation of Digital Databases, Preparation of Ecotourism Plans, Undertaking Conservation Action Programs, Providing Information Technology Support for Environmental Monitoring, Application and Product Development by using Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for landuse – land cover study, mapping various attributes of environment and carrying out habitat suitability analysis for Wildlife Management, Policy formulation and implementation etc.

Our work in the areas of Environment has been recognized by various industries, government agencies, NGOs, etc. We have been empaneled by Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) as an agency for conducting projects in the areas of Air, Water, Soil, Plant, Assessment & Impact studies on Biodiversity, Municipal Solid waste, Noise, Bio-medical waste, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Audit and Environmental Planning and Management.


Scitech Park has the expertise of carrying out exhaustive biodiversity assessment studies with the help of highly competent expert groups from various domains.This study takes into account primary evaluation and secondary data involving woodlands, grasslands, scrub forests, riverine ecosystem, water bodies, wetlands, peri urban areas and habitats that are expected to harbor major biodiversity components.The study also takes into account various floral and faunal elements such as herbs, shrubs, climbers, trees, aquatic plants, phytoplankton, zooplankton, fishes, reptiles, birds, mammals, butterflies , dragonflies etc.

We specialize in systematic documentation and mapping of various elements and habitats understanding the presence, distribution, status of the various elements of biodiversity. Our reports also highlight various ways of restoring degraded habitats such as quarries ,barren areas etc.

Under this programme we have undertaken  “Assessment of Biodiversity in Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation”. All the above mentioned components of biodiversity studes had been carried out for this project.The project also includes preparation of digital biodiversity maps, depicting important habitats with their vegetation types, distribution of key species as well as their usage that provides visualisation of areas harbouring significant biodiversity components. The report has also provided recommendations for protecting areas that are important habitats of plants and animals and have potential for conservation of biodiversity.