Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

According to the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) data, Pune city’s air pollution has increased by 35.7% since 2010. The percentage of pollutants in the air from vehicular emission has increased manifold as compared to that from other sources. “The major cause of pollution in Pune is transport. Its emission has increased by 12-15% in the past three years,” as reported by IITM.

It has also been stated by IITM, Pune that emission levels were proportional -though not directly proportional -to the air pollution. If the emission level could be reduced, pollution would also decrease.

Scitech Park has undertaken sampling, analysis and monitoring of ambient air quality of one of the busiest locations in Pune city; Kothrud and display the analyzed data on LED display board to citizens of Pune to make them aware and feel responsible to curb down the vehicular pollution level in Pune city which is crucial for everybody’s health and also switch to clean fuel i.e. CNG.

Weekly monitoring of SOX, NOX, PM10, PM2.5 and CO are being done at Sai Sayaji CNG Station, Kothrud, Pune. The programme is financially supported by Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited (MNGL) under their CSR initiative.