Centralized Water Filtration Units

KEM Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra


A unique 250 LPH capacity Water ATM Machine is installed at KEM Hospital, Pune which is based on UFRO Membrane Technology and indigenously developed in India with an aim to empower women as entrepreneurs with a sustainable business model and also to provide safe clean drinking water to numerous people visiting hospital everyday at a very affordable cost.

Other than Water ATM Machine, 12 water filtration units were installed in KEM Hospital, Pune in Doctors’ Quarters, Operation Theatre, CCU, ICU, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Labor Room etc.

Sudumbre Village, Maval Taluka, Pune, Maharashtra


In this village Scitech Park, Pune had installed one Centralized Water Filtration Unit of capacity 2000LPH with coin vending machine for the houses in Sudumbre and its nearby wadis which are at distance of 1 and 1.5 km. This system is catering to a population of approx.3000-4000 villagers.

Scitech Water ATM successfully launched on 12th December, 2017 at Ganeshpurwadi and Dharajwadi villages in Bidar District, Karnataka


Scitech Park, Pune has installed 2 Scitech Water ATM machines – one each in Ganeshpurwadi and Dharajwadi villages of Bhalki Tehsil in Bidar District, Karnataka which would facilitate in providing clean safe drinking water to around 2500 villagers. 

Launch of Scitech Water ATM at Panavadi Village, Taluka Purandar, Pune, Maharashtra


Two Scitech Water ATM’s with 500 LPH capacity installed at Panvadi Gaonthan and Bhisewadi respectively within Panvadi village, Tq. Purandar which are providing clean safe drinking water to approximately 1000 villagers as well as tourists visiting this place. 

Scitech Water Filtration Units installed under Flood Relief Support at Sangli, Maharashtra


Scitech Park, Pune had installed seven Scitech Water  Filtration Units to provide clean safe drinking water to the people of flood affected regions viz; Kanwad, Kutwad, Ghalwad, Shirati, Arjunwad, Alas and Shirol in Sangli District.

Scitech Water ATM machines installed at Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra


Scitech Park, Pune provided two Scitech Water ATM machines to provide tourists and devotees visiting this place with clean and safe drinking water. The two machines have been installed at Mahadev Van and MTDC resort respectively.

Scitech Water ATM installed at Shri. Shani Shingnapur Temple,  Ahmednagar, Maharashtra


One water ATM machine of 500 LPH capacity installed at Shri Shanaishwar Devsthan Trust Temple, Shani Shingnapur, Taluka Nevasa, District Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.